We professionally supply hydraulic fittings, ferrules, adpaters for our hoses, and now can export seperately. 


1. Ferrules:

1) 00110 non skive ferrule for EN853-1SN hose;

    00100 skive ferrule for EN853-1SN hose

2) 00210 non skive ferrule for EN853-2SN hose;

    00200 skive ferrule for EN853-2SN hose;

    01200 ferrule for China two wire braiding hose 2B;

    03310 non skive ferrule for SAE 100R2AT/EN 853 2SN hose

3) 01400 ferrule for China 4SP hydraulic hose;

    00400 ferrule for 4SP, 4SH, R12 hydraulic hose;

    00621 interlock ferrule R13,R15 hydraulic hose

4) 00TFO ferrule for PTFE teflon hose

5) 00018 ferrule for SAE100R7/R8 thermoplastic hose

2. Fittings

1) BSP male, female fitting, nuts;

2) JIC  male, female fitting,nuts;

3) NPT  male, female fitting,nuts;

4) ORFS male, female fitting,nuts;

5) BSPT male fitting;

6) KOMATSU,TOYOTA male,female fitting,nuts;

7) Metric male, female fitting,nuts;

8) Russia DKO, DKL, DKM,DKS fittings;

9) American Universal fittings (like Eaton style);

10) American reusable fittings  (like Paker style);

11) Australia NPT,JIC fitting (like Ryco style);

12) 3000PSI,6000PSI,9000PSI flange fittings;

13) Banjo,banjo bolts,double connetors,welding tail fittings;

14) Car washing fittings

3. Adapters:

1) BSP male, female adapter 2 ways, 3 ways;

2) JIC male, female  adapter 2 ways, 3 ways;

3) NPT male, female  adapter 2 ways, 3 ways;

4) ORFS male, female adapter 2 ways, 3 ways;

5) BSPT male adapter 2 ways, 3 ways;

6) Metric male female  adapter 2 ways, 3 ways;

4) American adapter 2 ways, 3 ways (like Eaton style);

5) American adapter 2 ways, 3 ways   (like Paker style);

6) Australia adapter 2 ways, 3 ways (like Ryco style)

4. Couplings:

1) ISO-7241A, ISO-7241B hydraulic quick coupling;

2) ISO5675,ISO16028 and super high pressure hydraulic quick couplings;

3) Agricultural machinery hydraulic quick couplings;

4) Japanese standard,American standard and European standard pneumatic quick couplings;

5) Single line, two lines, three lines ball valve

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